Christmas Geek

My dearest lovely friends, did you already send out Christmas postcards? I did this chilly morning! Only 10 days till Christmas - my favorite holiday ever.
I do love snow in my hair and my bear look :)
(I just got a message from Maru. She's preparing Argentine Christmas carols with her sister to sing to me on skype!) 

I don't care that my American sister Claire called me geek because I illuminated my room with Christmas lights in the mid of November. And I never missed a year without chocolate Advent calendar. This year when I bought it, it was already 4th of December and when I was taking my precious home on the bus a random guy made fun of me, but again - I can't help it because I love Christmas. I couldn't be any happier when I saw that a British site Essential Travel included Vilnius to the Top 10 Christmas displays in the World! Apparently, I'm not the only one who loves Christmasy Vilnius and it was a great excuse to find out why Vilnius takes such an important place.

It was suprising when snow broke down with the first days of December, because normally we don't get this joy that soon and the snow is still here in our streets! Yay! I think this is the main reason why you should come for Christmas to Vilnius. The snow gets your mood into melancholic state and the coldness makes you wanna stay in your warm bed with warming pillow and hot wine. God bless Lithuanian SNOW!!!
Vilnele. On my way to uni
While walking down the streets in oldtown I noticed a lot of joyful things like Christmas train full of children (my Vilnius Bus app upgraded the schedule of it maybe I'll hop into it too), soft aroma of hot wine and hot chocolate, cozy Christmas fairs, snowman by the President house, two Christmas trees, a skating rink, a lot of Christmas lights everywhere to illuminate dark nights and days since the sun goes down 4 p.m. (pretty harsh, huh?) and even more happy faces with red noses.

Snowman by the President house

Christmas fair in the Cathedral square

Socks CAN help you to survive winter coldness

Isn't this tea shop in Bernardinu street adorable?

Everything is illuminated

Christmas tree and skating rink in City Hall

Last weekend me and my roomie had the best wintery Sunday! We visited all the mentioned things before (except I didn't take Christmas train YET). I have to say that we have the best hot chocolate in town or Lithuania or the whole Christmas world. Try it in the fair in Cathedral square. I saw this quote somewhere in the oldtown streets and applied to the hot chocolate I tried in the fair: "Whoever said money can't buy happiness clearly didn't know where to shop" The moral of this story - GO and GET some hot chocolate right now.

Christmas time even makes studying exciting! I discovered the most amazing studying room in my university. I could never resist the beauty of my Vilnius University library in the heart of the old town, but THAT time I fell in love. If you think you saw everything in Vilnius, please, check Orientalistic studying room where you can get this fantastic sparklingly white view. Please please please, don't forget to get inside!

The view from Orientalistic studying room vol. 1

The view from Orientalistic reading room vol. 2
While waiting for Christmas don't forget to warm yourself. Meanwhile I present my BFF to you - my warming water bladder that I got for the birthday:
The Christmas Geek is going to eat mandarins!

Love you all. Seriouslly. All of you.

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