Holiday period is a time for being with your family and friends, enjoying awesome food, sleeping and staying home. That's the way it is. Meanwhile all the media can't stop giving us Top 10 or Top 20 or Top of Tops of something. Obviously it's a time for reflection on 2013 as well and take a look forward to upcoming 2014.

I want to make 2014 even better than 2013 which in all aspects was the best year of my life. For that to happen I decided to make my New Year's resolution (which I never made):

1. Finish university and be happy for I've been doing these past 4 years!
2. Go back to NYC for fashion week
3. Visit California and have 60's like party
4. Experience the most amazing beaches of Brasil
5. Visit Maru in Buenos Aires
6. Visit Claire in Texas
7. Start doing yoga or something (you know, every girl makes this kind of a promise for next year and I'm not an exception)
8. Find my soul mate
9.Try hotel-trade (http://www.vice.com/en_se/read/guilt-tripping-0000175-v20n12)
10. Send more post cards from all around the world (post cards can be very expensive when your expenses are limited!)
11. Visit Juste in Holand (ticket's almost in my pocket!)
12. Try as many different food as possible!
13. Do more photos
14. Save money, because I'll need them around the world (so hard to do it!!!!!)
15. Get better at singing because, apparently, my singing is described as "pain" by my dear rommie

And I also announce a photo of the year which the best describes 2013. It's a pic taken on the way to BsAs. A view from the AIRPLANE. That's my resume of 2013.

Have the best New Year's eve parties!!! See you next year!
Love and peace,

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