Dream a Little Dream of...

May all dreams come true. Especially last night's!

I obviously need new adventures. The joy of my city is gone since it started raining the whole time after the 1st of November. From now on my favorite place is gonna be my dreams (I hope I'll dream as often as possible because dreams are kind of rear guests in my head, but when I do dream I make sure to have the most exciting dreams). So last night I escaped to Jakarta (never thought of this place...) with my friends. We took a ferry somewhere and I saw my dear Argentine sister Claire with her friend on the other ferry. It was a true moment of happiness. We screamed like crazy! I woke up so happy and I somehow felt even tanned from the Indonesian sun (even though we all know that it's almost impossible to see me colored; yes, I don't even dare to say "tanned"). When I woke up I felt like I really just got back from Indonesia and I couldn't believe that actually all this happened only in my head. 
This is how Jakarta looks like if you google it. No wonder why I had a dream about it. 
Let's take a moment of silence to honor my dream of the month.

Ok moment's passed. We're all good again. Now I'm going to reveal my new plan! You probably all noticed that I can't go on the road because of very similar reasons A - I'm broke, B - I'm not joking about that and C - I'm locked in the university (but that's not the mayor point of course). Every time my friends go on little trips I get this pain that feels like somebody puts a knife straight to my heart. How sad is that? I don't even hide it - I'm very jealous! Imagine me writing an English Stylistics test meanwhile I get these insane pictures from my friend from Dubai. 

Claire, seriously, these pictures killed me. Gracias.
Or me sitting in the class meanwhile my friends are talking about trips that they just got back like Portugal, Italy, Spain, etc. It is so painful! All I get is a train ride to my hometown or a quick ride to Kaunas (I'm not complaining; it's fun to go on a ride with Gintare and her "50 cent" CD playing in the car). Alright, so you probably already got what I wanted to say. "I need a dramatic change in my life." quoting Woody Allen. 

What I decided to do while I'm not moving anywhere from Lithuania is to collect every travel idea and good deals that maybe YOU could use and make me happy for doing this. Thanks in advance! 

There are first two things that I want to share with you:
1. Trevolta - https://www.trevolta.com/invite/C8G5R83635 . If you enter you could help getting closer to my dream! And maybe you can start building your own one. Register here and get sponsored for travelling. How amazing is that?!
2. Holiday Pirates - a site where you can find super cool holiday deals! You can get to NYC from Hamburg for only 383 euros! WOW! Check it out here - http://www.holidaypirates.com/

Happy Sunday, my dear hippie soul friends! If you're looking for Sunday playlist it's here: Burberry Acoustic 

Peace and Love,

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