Fall in the World

Golden - fallish - cozy - romantic hello!

Fall is my season. I owe it. I was born in November and my heart feels warmer than ever right now. The leaves are falling. The trees are more colorful than ever. There's Vilnius Jazz Festival and I feel like my heart is going to explode from love to everyone in the world, starting fall, music, dim light, old town, food, 10 cups of tea per day, my bed and YOU. This is perfect and I hope the weather is not gonna change soon because I'm pretty sure that when sun hides, I will be all "blah" (you know what I mean?) laying in bed...
I'm crazy in love with fall in Lithuania right now and I decided to ask my friends around  the world to take pictures of their fall and I was so happy to open my Inbox every day because every day I got new pics from Paris, Buenos Aires, Montreal, etc. That even strengthen my love to fall! Thanks to all of you so much for making my grey days shiny and exciting! I love you! I really do love ALL of you. Please, take a piece of my love, because I carry too much of it in my heart right now. Sharing is good! 
What I found out is that now when some of us are enjoying colorful fall, other people like in South America are in spring mood! Others are still having fun at the beach meanwhile last week people in Jerusalem experienced the biggest funeral in Jewish world (Rabbi Ovadia Yosef died). Take a look at the amazing fall and fall in love with me!

For those who have no idea what Lithuania is. Meet me wandering around in Vilnius and my funniest cousins in the world sending best wishes to all of you!

Now when you know why I love it so much, check out the spectacular season all around the world!

Annie, Montreal

Elio, Barcelona

Elio, the Beach of Barcelona 

Qendresa, Kosovo

London, Cesar (like always chilling somewhere out...)

Claire, Louisiana

David, The BIG Funeral in Jerusalem

David, Jerusalem

Dovile, Paris

Elio, grape seaon in Italy. Yay! Wine is coming!

Elio, live from Grape Town

Elsa, Paris 

Erica, Adirondack mountains in NY

Erica in Pumpkin Land! NY

Maru, BsAs

Jimmy, Colombia 
Katy, California

Juste, Luxembourg 

Lizzie, Upstate NY

Morenos, Mallorca

Kas, NYC 

Giedre, Portugal

Tommy, El Tigre (BsAs)

Aurelija, Northern Ireland

Kristina, Spain
My dearest friends of the world, I love you all and I hope this made your fall day!:) Be happy and fall in love!

Lots of love,

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