XXI Century Hippie

We (me and my sister-friends) always dreamed to go on a road-trip driving a van with two main signs "W" and "peace". We even made a ridiculous flag for my friend's birthday to take to the legendary "Blues nights" (back then I made a wrong "peace" sign, which apparently was just "Wolksvagen" sign). We were telling that we've been born in a wrong timing and that we belong to "Woodstock", which we tried to replace with annual "Blues Nights" in "Varniai, ežeras, Bliuzo Festivalis!" Now I say that you can be your own style hippie without "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". Here's how it works in Barcelona according to me:
  • firstly, to feel the free spirit you have to go to work in a hostel where you're gonna be staying for a while. I think I mentioned before that I'm doing "Workaway" program here in Barcelona, so I volunteer in this amazing hostel and in exchange I get accommodation. In 1,5 month I changed 4 rooms and hundreds of roommates. Once I realize  that I'm completely alone in my 8 beds bedroom, comes somebody from reception to kill the time. The door is always open to my room! This is the point that you realize that you're living with the whole hostel and sharing EVERYTHING - room, washing machine, kitchen, food, computer and even clothes (my Australian friend left her super expensive 2 euro top, which I decided to keep to myself). Wasn't it the same in 60's?
  • choose the right concerts to feel the spirit. Like I did yesterday and went to Manu Chao concert. Listen to the song and tell me if I'm wrong about the atmosphere that was created in the loft outside the Barcelona: Manu Chao - Me gustas tu 
  • feel the nature. Once I was sitting with my Italian friend in a park, enjoying the music and sun when a bird pooped on me. I looked at my blue top and said "Elio, a bird pooped on me!", Elio "No pasa nada. Relax, it's probably a stain of grapes mixed with water". Me "No, I don't think so". Elio "Are you sure? Do you want a tissue to clean it?". Me "No, I'm fine. I'm a hippie, remember? I'm blending with the nature". And I went home with a bird poop on my blue top.
Typical Barcelona by bike

Catalunya and Spiderman?! Did I miss something? Can anybody help me out here?

What a grumpy bunny! They're all over Barcelona...grumpy bunnies are ruling the city!


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