New Philosophy of Life

Hola gente! 

To set an atmosphere of Barcelona first you have to click on this link and listen to this magical sound: Giulia&Los Tellarini - Barcelona .
Maybe it's the heat. Maybe it's too relaxed atmosphere. Maybe it's the people that are always surrounding me. I don't know what, but I don't feel inspired to write! It's somehow really hard to get some sentences out of my keyboard. 
I meet an enormous amount of people all around the world every day. No, every hour. When I wake up, I never know who's gonna be sleeping next to me. One morning it's a girl from China, the other - a guy from Singapore and 5 more people. Then I go to my bar where I work and there come people to enjoy themselves drinking and TALKING to you. It's really fun for two hours but after few hours it gets a little bit exhausting. Yesterday there was an English woman who was sitting and sipping "Spritz" for three hours and she was feeling so lonely that it made me wanna keep her company and talk to her about her lovely life which is not that exciting when you see it from the inside. In spite of all the drunk talks that most of the people do, I still manage to find some magic conversations like one day a man from New Zealand told me the most precious words that I'm gonna keep in my mind forever "Travelling is the best education". So it is! You have to get out of your box and realize that the world is not only your room and your city. When you're complaining about life and government you may probably eventually deal with all that stuff because you may think that's the way it's supposed to be, but then you cross the ocean or actually it's enough to go to Barcelona or whatever other city in Europe and you see that life can be different and that maybe you're able to change what you don't like because everything is possible in this world! 

The most important thing (which was killing me for like three years) that I found out while living in Barcelona:
  • Spanish people do not study and work hard not because they're lazy, but because there's no point in it. They just wanna earn enough money to live and then go with their families to the beach! I finally started understanding them, because why would you need all that money if you can't enjoy a happy life with your family?
(I didn't have any clue what I was about to write, but it happened to be my presentation of my new philosophy of life - "Travelling is the best education")

Best wishes from city of bohema! See you around!

Les quiero!